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Apple Announces Its New 17″ MacBook Pro

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

chiclets imageAt Macworld 2009 yesterday, Apple announced the latest version of their MacBook Pro with 17-inch screen. It’s got the aluminum unibody design that was introduced last fall.

For some time now, the Macbook Pro 17″ has been on my wish list to be my next computer. However, the non-removable battery, the awful chiclet* keyboard, and (still!) no numeric keypad – despite plenty of space – are all definite minuses.

In spite of the necessity that the battery must be replaced by Apple at a cost of $179, the fact that it provides up to eight hours of run time, especially with such a large screen, is very impressive.

*Apple’s chiclet keyboards join such luminaries as the Tandy CoCo, TI-99/4, IBM PCjr and more recent inductees ASUS and Sony.